Online writing job: how to get paid

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There you have it, a wider range..easy to pick from and also easy to start a freelance online writing job.Bet now you are thinking Hollywood…imagine you’re writing for  some Hollywood executive!! That’s more like it..isn’t it. Imagine it and do it…….. simply by starting a freelance online writing job, you could start writing on any theme, subject or category you want and get paid for it. That’s the juiciest part…..the money still comes in. You love fiction, creativity..you got tips on how to make or perform, then start writing and don’t just write this time and put it away…get paid for it by looking for a freelance online writing job.

Put your computer and internet connection to good use by doing something you like and do it easily. Get paid for your beautiful thoughts from the comfort of your home through a freelance online writing job.


My grown up boys

Being away from my two boys makes me feel incomplete and lost. I’m always dragging myself back to work when I’m home, wishing the day will not end that I have to pack my things again and prepare for a long travel. I still can’t believe that my little angels are  now big boys , but still they seem so fragile and helpless. I always shed a tear whenever I heard them saying “I Love You Mama”.  It breaks my heart to know that I can’t be with them all the time. If only I can stay at home and take care of them, If only I don’t have to go to work and leave my kids.

Perhaps unconditional love is really true; my love for my kids is unconditional. In my mind I can hear their voices and see their faces. I want to cuddle them in my arms until they fall asleep like an angel. Kuya now knows how to write his name though not his full name. My little Sanzi can already hold a pencil and draw a small circle. It’s amazing to discover that they are both left-handed in writing and eating.

I’m so excited to see them in school with their bags and books, playing with their friends and schoolmates. As I headed to bus terminal I can’t stop myself  from crying, I’ll be counting days and nights alone in my room again. I’ll be home soon my kids so behave and be good boys.